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Omsa Malizia 40 Thigh-Highs

Omsa Malizia 40 Thigh-Highs

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For those who appreciate the durability of 40 Deniers, these thigh-highs will be a great pair for daily wear. They are much stronger than lighter denier hosiery but still provide the sophisticated look. In addition to the sexiness of thigh-highs or stockings, there is this benefit that you don't have to throw away a pair of thigh-highs when one leg gets a tear, like you do with pantyhose or tights, but rather take a stocking from the second pair and get many more wears. So, purchase 2 pairs to get many more wears.

Key features: silky semi-opaque finish, shaped heels, invisible toes, wide lace bands.

40 Deniers (not microfiber)

Fabric content: 88% polyamide, 12% elastane

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